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We work alongside you to move your leads through the buying cycle.

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What are the differences between lead nurturing and sales nurturing?

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Lead nurturing and sales nurturing are 2 concepts that are generally associated. While the 2 processes aim to raise the maturity of each prospect in the buying cycle, they generally differ in the techniques and types of content used.

Lead nurturing is within the scope of marketing teams. Its aim is to nurture immature or "cold" prospects through to medium- and highly-qualified prospects. The content put forward will be informational in nature, covering subjects directly or indirectly related to the company. The aim is to raise awareness of these topics and stimulate the desire to buy, without going straight into a sales pitch. 

Sales nurturing, on the other hand, targets the most qualified prospects in the databases provided by marketing teams. The aim is to use all appropriate prospecting channels to establish high-quality, high-impact contacts with prospects who have already been made aware of the issues involved.

A B2B agency with expertise in sales nurturing and lead qualification

As lead nurturing is a compulsory process, derivative practices are logically widespread, and it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself in the approaches considered to attract the attention of your prospects. These competitive practices come at a cost, and it can be difficult to know internally what the right options are.

As an expert in B2B sales prospecting and lead qualification for the companies we work with, Lalaleads guides your prospects through the buying cycle to boost your conversion rates.

A multi-channel approach

At Lalaleads, we multiply your chances of converting by combining the power of digital prospecting channels(e-mail, LinkedIn, social networks, etc.) and human actions (telephone prospectingvoice mails...) and ubiquitous marketing(online advertising, social selling, Google Ads). We orchestrate all these strategies to make you visible without over-soliciting your prospects.

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Multi-channel prospecting of building professionals looking for an ERP
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After having worked with the main service providers on the market, we chose to work with Lalaleads for their rigour and their spirit 🏴‍☠️


Manager of Sales

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We doubled our target with the Lalaleads method

Philippe Sartori
Sales Director in charge of the Distribution and Professional Solutions Department

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"We chose Lalaleads for the quality of its appointment qualification and because we identified it as the most innovative player in its prospecting approaches."

Kévin Aubaud-Klopp

CRM Marketing Manager

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"Lalaleads' real + is their ability to advise. Thanks to them, we now have an omnichannel strategy. Their recommendations have helped us a lot. "

Jimmy Perret

Sales Manager France

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"Today it's a strength to work with Lalaleads because it allows us to generate opportunities, test new targets, new messages..."

Cyril Brenac

Head of Sales

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The number of appointments made with our target group increased by a factor of 3 compared with competing services.

Alexandre Goncalves

IT Sales Manager

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The aim was to generate 50 appointments to set up the CSE organization, and in the end we exceeded our objectives by more than 20%!

Samuel Goldstein

Co-founder & Head of Growth

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With Lalaleads we managed to double the conversion rate of our outbound sales meetings.

Louis-Clément Schiltz


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The objectives were met. We were expecting 9 qualified leads per month.

Hugo Chabrouty

CEO & Co-Founder

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Multi-channel canvassing of production companies looking for new professional voice-overs.
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"We've seen positive feedback very quickly, and our approach has been appreciated by our stakeholders.

Jean-François Lespagnol

Founder Majordome Connect

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Implementation of a Linkedin Ads lead generation system for members of a public purchasing group
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Your big questions

What are the advantages of implementing a lead nurturing strategy?

Lead nurturing is an essential practice for all companies today. It consists of maintaining the attention of all your leads towards your products or services thanks to various and complementary methods:

mailing via marketing automation software, 


inbound marketing, 

publications on social networks, etc. 

In today's digital world, neglecting lead nurturing practices is a costly mistake for any company wishing to optimize its sales development.

A marketing and sales strategy in tune with today's world needs to consider all of these practices to give itself every chance of nurturing prospects and increasing the company's conversion rates.

Generating qualified leads is the first obvious advantage that can be identified, making lead nurturing campaigns an essential part of today's marketing practices. Being able to generate traffic and attention around your digital showcases (website, social networks, e-mails) will, in the first instance, increase the quantity of these leads.

The second advantage lies in the sorting that is produced. Out of all the traffic, a significant number of leads will not be qualified and will therefore leave your site. It's all about keeping the attention of interesting prospects and increasing their interest.

A good lead nurturing strategy involves creating content that is relevant to the target audience you wish to attract. Landing pages, premium content, white papers and inbound marketing content in general will naturally help identify prospects who are genuinely interested in your activities, while moving them along the conversion tunnel. This progression will turn prospects into loyal customers.

Why are long sales nurturing cycles often more effective than short B2B cycles?

Current sales prospecting methods clearly show that short cycles are widely favored. In concrete terms, the prospect databases made available to sales teams are solicited in prospecting campaigns lasting from 2 weeks to just over a month, before being put on hold. Depending on the response, each prospect receives between 2 and 5 e-mails and 1 to 3 calls in fairly short intervals.

Longer cycles are less common, as they are less easy to set up. As the risk of a long sales nurturing cycle is that the target audience will feel over-solicited, sales managers are less inclined to set up this type of cycle.

However, a long sales nurturing campaign can have many advantages, provided it is well orchestrated. The digital age now offers numerous opportunities to send commercial messages to prospects, with ever more diversified prospecting/communication channels.

Drawing up a sales nurturing plan that blends different digital prospecting channels, human actions and marketing processes, so as to combine targeted, personalized and generic content, will optimize your sales nurturing practices. You can engage your prospects at different levels of intensity over long periods of time, with a considerable impact on lead scoring.

Which practices should I focus on?

Implementing a sales nurturing strategy for your organization requires you to think globally about your various targets, the message you want to convey to each of them, and the ways in which you want to convey this message to them.

Some methods prove to be more essential than others, and deliver faster and more effective results with your prospects. Marketing automation solutions, for example, are a must for any lead nurturing strategy.

Sending out targeted mailings enables you to "feed" your contact base with relevant content and maintain contact which, if it's at all personalized, will be of high quality. Prospects who are ready to buy will be more easily converted into customers if a sales e-mail sent at the right time is relevant and consistent with their desire to buy.

Telephone prospecting is also a powerful option, and certainly the most effective way of establishing engaging contact with prospects. Obtaining a quality exchange with a correctly targeted contact will at the very least have the advantage of reminding people of the company's existence and rekindling interest in it.

Teleprospecting is also the best way to convert a prospect into a customer quickly. If the contact called is sufficiently qualified, a relevant sales pitch followed by an interesting exchange with the business developer will often be enough to close a sale in the shortest possible time.

Why outsource your sales nurturing strategies?

Sales nurturing is a widespread practice in B2B prospecting and sales canvassing for key accounts. This makes it difficult to have a sufficiently differentiating impact on companies that have already been extensively canvassed by your many competitors.

Outsourcing your sales prospecting and sales nurturing to an expert agency allows you to benefit from the latest prospecting techniques and approaches on the market. Without reinventing current prospecting methods, market-leading agencies know how to use new technologies to make the most appropriate use of them for your prospecting campaigns and the personas you wish to target.

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