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The Lala method

A subtle combination of human and automated prospecting

Team lalaleads Alex
They chose Lalaleads to find new customers 💙

Perfectly prepared...

From our very first meeting, our Account Managers will work with you to analyze the profitability of your sales outsourcing project.

Lalaleads ROI simulator

Target definition

With nearly 60 possible targeting criteria, we work with you to design the best prospecting base for your sales campaigns.

1. Organization

11 million organization profiles from the SIRENE and Greffes databases, updated daily (address, SIREN, VAT number, APE code, tax returns, agents, etc.).

2. Station

Data cross-referencing based on Linkedin Sales Navigator (position, keywords, organization, growth, seniority, description, social activity...) and specialized directories.

3. Web technologies

Targeting based on the web technologies present on your prospects' sites.

4. Web visitors

Targeting based on the companies that visit your website, cross-referenced with the profiles of your prospects.

5. Account targeting

Targeting based on a jointly-defined list of organizations. (SBF120, CAC40, TOP 100 E-commerces, public service directory...).

6. Customer base

Targeting on the basis of organizations and/or contacts you provide.

7. CRM technologies

Targeting based on the CRM/ERP technologies used by your prospects.

8. Social events

Targeting based on Social Events (participation in a competitor's webinar, engagement on a linkedin post...).

9. Specialist directories

Targeting based on specialized directories defined at Set-Up meetings.

10. Network behavior

Targeting based on the identification of key terms posted on social networks.


Would you like to define your prospecting target with a Lala expert? 

Choice of prospecting channels

A cornerstone of Lalaleads' prospecting approach, the multi-channel approach improves the quality of initial commercial exchanges and significantly increases the number of appointments.


Personalized, semi-automated cold emails.

Personalized responses to objections.


Visits and LinkedIn invitations with personalized messages + follow-up messages to encourage exchange.


Cold phone calls. Calls can be double-listened.

Voice messages

Leave voice messages directly on your answering machine without having to call your prospects.

Handwritten letter

Handwritten, personalized letters sent to your prospects' business addresses.


Send semi-customized SMS messages to your prospects' cell phones.

Defining the prospecting cycle

Depending on the target defined and the most appropriate channels, we structure your prospecting campaign around a customized cycle alternating between automation (Mail, Linkedin...) and personalized contact by your business developer (Micro Mailing, Telephone...).


With the help of our copywriters and your team, your project manager works on a base of high-impact, personalized messages (e-mails, telephone scripts, catchphrases...) to optimize your campaign's conversion rate.

Technical preparation

We'll help you set up the technical parameters of your domain and prospecting e-mail address to ensure your campaigns are delivered securely (DKIM, DMARC, SPF...).



LalaMatch & Message validation

To make it easier to validate prospecting databases and commercial messages, we provide you with our Lalamatch application.

Let's prospect!

Day-to-day monitoring

At the end of each day's prospecting, we send you a detailed prospecting action report, including key campaign indicators and details of every contact made.

Lalaleads campaign follow-up

Double listening

We recommend that you take part in our business developers' first calls, so that you can work with them on the message and tone of the initial contact. 

Continuous improvement

Our teams document all prospect and feedback exchanges on an SDR PlayBook, a shared document that enables us to regularly challenge the quality of our approach alongside you. 


Synchronization lalaleads

Calendar synchronization

By connecting your calendar to our tools, we can simply position appointments in your Diary.

CRM synchronization

Fully integrated with your processes, we can integrate all our actions into your CRM, either automatically or by manual input. 

Synchronization crm lalaleads
Enhanced file lalaleads

Enhanced file + end-of-assignment report

At the end of each assignment, we provide you with a performance report including a commented spreadsheet and all our team's exchanges with your prospects. 

Expertise recognized by our customers

Multi-channel prospecting of building professionals looking for an ERP
See the case
After having worked with the main service providers on the market, we chose to work with Lalaleads for their rigour and their spirit 🏴‍☠️


Manager of Sales

See the case
We doubled our target with the Lalaleads method

Philippe Sartori
Sales Director in charge of the Distribution and Professional Solutions Department

See the case
"We chose Lalaleads for the quality of its appointment qualification and because we identified it as the most innovative player in its prospecting approaches."

Kévin Aubaud-Klopp

CRM Marketing Manager

See the case
"Lalaleads' real + is their ability to advise. Thanks to them, we now have an omnichannel strategy. Their recommendations have helped us a lot. "

Jimmy Perret

Sales Manager France

See the case
"Today it's a strength to work with Lalaleads because it allows us to generate opportunities, test new targets, new messages..."

Cyril Brenac

Head of Sales

See the case
The number of appointments made with our target group increased by a factor of 3 compared with competing services.

Alexandre Goncalves

IT Sales Manager

See the case
The aim was to generate 50 appointments to set up the CSE organization, and in the end we exceeded our objectives by more than 20%!

Samuel Goldstein

Co-founder & Head of Growth

See the case
With Lalaleads we managed to double the conversion rate of our outbound sales meetings.

Louis-Clément Schiltz


See the case
The objectives were met. We were expecting 9 qualified leads per month.

Hugo Chabrouty

CEO & Co-Founder

See the case
Multi-channel canvassing of production companies looking for new professional voice-overs.
See the case
"We've seen positive feedback very quickly, and our approach has been appreciated by our stakeholders.

Jean-François Lespagnol

Founder Majordome Connect

See the case
Implementation of a Linkedin Ads lead generation system for members of a public purchasing group
See the case

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