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Telemarketing agency

Let our teams take care of your qualified appointments.

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They chose Lalaleads to generate more Leads! 💙

Why outsource my telephone prospecting?

Telemarketing is a necessary sales approach in B2B sectors. Being able to get the right people on the phone, with the right message, is essential for acquiring qualified leads.

Working with Lalaleads means working with an experienced telemarketing agency, with a team of qualified and rigorous business developers. Since its inception, Lalaleads has made cold calling one of its key strengths. Let us help you with your telemarketing needs. Customized pitches based on the different prospects identified, ongoing reporting, qualification of your prospect base, targeting of new customers: telemarketing is our expertise.

Discover the Lala Method
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Transparent operations and continuous improvement

Outsourcing your telemarketing to Lalaleads means benefiting from the services of experts in their field, in total transparency. The agency guarantees exhaustive reporting on all the actions taken to generate leads through telemarketing.

Day-to-day monitoring

At the end of each day's prospecting, we send you a detailed prospecting action report, including key campaign indicators and details of every contact made.

Double listening

We recommend that you take part in our business developers' first calls, so that you can work with them on the message and tone of the initial contact.

Continuous improvement

Our teams document all prospect and feedback exchanges on an SDR PlayBook, a shared document that enables us to regularly challenge the quality of our approach alongside you. 

Want to generate more leads?

As a B2B prospecting and acquisition agency, Lalaleads can help you generate qualified leads using a marketing and sales approach.

ROI and performance

Each of our actions is designed to generate leads for you.

As part of our telemarketing approach, our call campaigns are monitored and optimized through regular project milestones, so that we can constantly improve the profitability of your sales actions. By improving your conversion rate, we help you achieve your goals: selling more and better, and saving time.

Are you wondering whether sales outsourcing can be profitable for you?
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multi-channel approach logos

Multi-channel prospecting for a more comprehensive approach

While teleprospecting is a fundamental approach to any sales campaign, multi-channel prospecting, which combines the power of various digital prospecting channels (e-mail, Linkedin, social networks, social selling, Google Ads...) with telephone prospecting, is the path we recommend you take in most situations. Multiplying prospecting strategies enables you to prioritize the contacts of greatest interest (click tracking, opening, document consultation...)".

It's thanks to multi-channel prospecting that Lalaleads is the best B2B sales prospecting agency today. The availability of all these lead generation strategies guarantees you the best chances of achieving your business objectives.

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A dedicated team

For each assignment, you benefit from the support of a dedicated team:

A Project Manager: In charge of follow-up, copywriting and guaranteeing mastery of your business subjects.

One or more Business Developers: Your telephone prospecting forces

‍ATool Manager : In charge of setting up mission tools and ensuring the quality of prospecting databases (scraping, manual cleaning, parameterization...).

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The Lala method



Defining targets, messages and recurrence

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Pre-qualification of the prospecting base based on criteria established with the customer

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Teleprospecting cycle

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Appointments briefed to the customer, added to the agenda and CRM fully integrated with your processes

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Expertise recognized by our customers

Multi-channel prospecting of building professionals looking for an ERP
See the case
After having worked with the main service providers on the market, we chose to work with Lalaleads for their rigour and their spirit 🏴‍☠️


Manager of Sales

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We doubled our target with the Lalaleads method

Philippe Sartori
Sales Director in charge of the Distribution and Professional Solutions Department

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"We chose Lalaleads for the quality of its appointment qualification and because we identified it as the most innovative player in its prospecting approaches."

Kévin Aubaud-Klopp

CRM Marketing Manager

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"Lalaleads' real + is their ability to advise. Thanks to them, we now have an omnichannel strategy. Their recommendations have helped us a lot. "

Jimmy Perret

Sales Manager France

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"Today it's a strength to work with Lalaleads because it allows us to generate opportunities, test new targets, new messages..."

Cyril Brenac

Head of Sales

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The number of appointments made with our target group increased by a factor of 3 compared with competing services.

Alexandre Goncalves

IT Sales Manager

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The aim was to generate 50 appointments to set up the CSE organization, and in the end we exceeded our objectives by more than 20%!

Samuel Goldstein

Co-founder & Head of Growth

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With Lalaleads we managed to double the conversion rate of our outbound sales meetings.

Louis-Clément Schiltz


See the case
The objectives were met. We were expecting 9 qualified leads per month.

Hugo Chabrouty

CEO & Co-Founder

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Multi-channel canvassing of production companies looking for new professional voice-overs.
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"We've seen positive feedback very quickly, and our approach has been appreciated by our stakeholders.

Jean-François Lespagnol

Founder Majordome Connect

See the case
Implementation of a Linkedin Ads lead generation system for members of a public purchasing group
See the case

Your big questions

How long does a campaign last?

The duration of a prospecting campaign can vary from two weeks to a month and a half, depending on the complexity of the process defined. The Lalaleads model is a monthly Man Time support model, enabling human follow-up and prospecting in parallel with semi-automated digital prospecting cycles.

Can you prospect from our prospecting databases?

The choice of prospecting base is essential for a successful assignment. We can work with a new prospecting base and/or prospecting bases supplied by the customer. We can also combine your bases with our complementary sourcing criteria to identify a more precise prospecting base.

Can I get my prospect file back at the end of the campaign?

Throughout the campaign, you recover the entire prospecting database used, which is enriched with exchanges, e-mails and comments from your Lala business developers.

Can I integrate your actions with my CRM?

We can seamlessly integrate our actions with your CRM. Our tools are compatible with the major CRMs on the market. If this is not the case, your business developer will ensure that all exchanges are uploaded to your CRM. 

How can I contact my project team? Is it possible to meet the team that will be accompanying me?

Your project team remains available throughout the assignment by e-mail, telephone and Slack if you wish. It's also possible to meet with them before the start of the assignment, so don't hesitate to ask your account manager.

Your questions about sales outsourcing :

It's entirely possible to meet with your project team before the start of the assignment, so don't hesitate to ask your account manager.

Shall we launch a project together?

Want to generate more leads for your business?