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Discover Lalaleads offers

Offers tailored to your prospecting needs

Full digital

For those who want to keep in touch

€750 excl. tax/month

Included in the offer :

- Contact sourcing
- Copywriting of prospecting messages
- Email prospecting
- Linkedin prospecting
- Manual response management
- Making appointments
- CRM synchronization
- Email and document tracking
- Reporting

No obligation


For those who want an in-depth follow-up to the prospecting experience

€1,900 excl. tax/month

Digital offer included + :

- Provision of one or more Business Developers for up to 5 days/week
- Telephone prospecting
- CRM prospecting
- Personalized approach per prospect
- Connected reporting
- Weekly follow-up
- Analysis of exchanges with the AI
-Field feedback follow-up

No obligation

At the rendezvous

For those who want a captive appointment volume with a performance approach


Digital offer included + :

- Provision of one or more Business Developers within the limit of a desired volume of appointments
- Telephone prospecting
- Weekly follow-up
- Personalized approach per prospect

Set-Up costs €1,500 excl.

Made to measure

For those who want to optimize lead quality

Lalaleads for impact

You're an association, NGO or SSE structure. We have dedicated offers.

Made to measure

For those who want to optimize lead quality

Lalaleads for impact

You are an association, an NGO or an SSE structure. We have dedicated offers.

More than 60 customers have already placed their trust in us - why shouldn't you? 

Expertise recognized by our customers

Multi-channel prospecting of building professionals looking for an ERP
See the case
After having worked with the main service providers on the market, we chose to work with Lalaleads for their rigour and their spirit 🏴‍☠️


Manager of Sales

See the case
We doubled our target with the Lalaleads method

Philippe Sartori
Sales Director in charge of the Distribution and Professional Solutions Department

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"We chose Lalaleads for the quality of its appointment qualification and because we identified it as the most innovative player in its prospecting approaches."

Kévin Aubaud-Klopp

CRM Marketing Manager

See the case
"Lalaleads' real + is their ability to advise. Thanks to them, we now have an omnichannel strategy. Their recommendations have helped us a lot. "

Jimmy Perret

Sales Manager France

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"Today it's a strength to work with Lalaleads because it allows us to generate opportunities, test new targets, new messages..."

Cyril Brenac

Head of Sales

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The number of appointments made with our target group increased by a factor of 3 compared with competing services.

Alexandre Goncalves

IT Sales Manager

See the case
The aim was to generate 50 appointments to set up the CSE organization, and in the end we exceeded our objectives by more than 20%!

Samuel Goldstein

Co-founder & Head of Growth

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With Lalaleads we managed to double the conversion rate of our outbound sales meetings.

Louis-Clément Schiltz


See the case
The objectives were met. We were expecting 9 qualified leads per month.

Hugo Chabrouty

CEO & Co-Founder

See the case
Multi-channel canvassing of production companies looking for new professional voice-overs.
See the case
"We've seen positive feedback very quickly, and our approach has been appreciated by our stakeholders.

Jean-François Lespagnol

Founder Majordome Connect

See the case
Implementation of a Linkedin Ads lead generation system for members of a public purchasing group
See the case

Your big questions about our Offers

What are the differences between prospecting and acquisition? 

In the Prospecting approach, we design a precise, qualified prospecting base from which we will source a potential need. The base is qualitative, and the resulting opportunities are within your core target.
In the Acquisition approach, we make ourselves visible to people who are looking for a service/product like yours, we master less macro targeting criteria and the resulting requests are initiated by your prospect, which facilitates the first sales approach. 

Why combine Prospecting & Acquisition? 

This is what we call the Mixed approach. Advertising is an excellent way of boosting the quality of your prospecting campaign, upstream to make yourself visible to your prospects (reassurance, brand image...), during to convince them with related arguments (customer reviews, resource sharing...) and after to stay in your prospects' heads if the project isn't yet mature. 

Full Digital or Multichannel prospecting? How to choose? 

The multi-channel approach is designed for those who are looking for qualified leads directly in their agenda.
The Full Digital approach, on the other hand, is designed for companies wishing to maintain initial human contact with their prospects.

Your offers are without engagement, but I am faithful. Will you marry me.... ? 

It's important for us to make no-obligation offers, so that we can test the veracity of the sales projections evaluated at the start of the mission (target appointment rate, Cost/RDV...) and the market interest of your product/service. Once this data has been verified, we can look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. And for those in a hurry, we can always envisage a test period on a long-term contract. 

Approach Acquisition what advertising budget? 

Lalaleads For Impact is about supporting meaningful projects at preferential rates and/or through regular calls for projects.

What is Lalaleads for Impact? 🌱

Lalaleads For Impact is about supporting meaningful projects at preferential rates and/or through regular calls for projects.

What can you offer me in the customized approach?

In the customized approach, we go further than traditional channels (email, telephone, voice mail...) We can work on more complex cycles with, for example, handwritten letters, gifts to key prospects, events, webinars, content...

Shall we launch a project together?

Want to generate more leads for your business?