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SDR / BDR outsourced agency

Concentrate on selling, we'll do the prospecting for you.

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They chose Lalaleads to generate more Leads! 💙

What's the difference between SDR and BDR?

SDR : The breeder

The SDR or Sales Development Representative is the sales person in charge of transforming your Marketing Leads (MQL) into qualified opportunities.

BDR: The hunter

The BDR or Business Development Representative is the sales person in charge of finding qualified opportunities on the market by prospecting via email, linkedin, telephone and any other relevant channel.

Why use an outsourced SDR / BDR agency?

A B2B sale always starts with a first quality link between your company and your future customer. A quality link that requires business knowledge, interpersonal skills and rigor. When these qualities are not available in-house, due to lack of time, budget or skills, outsourcing becomes the right choice.

Outsourcing to a leading omnichannel sales prospecting agency enables you to benefit from the services of experienced SDRs and BDRs, equipped with the best prospecting tools on the market and integrated into your business processes.

For small companies, this means they can concentrate fully on developing their business and product. For larger structures, it's the assurance of specializing in closing and considerably increasing conversion rates .

An SDR Agency for successful lead acquisition

A benchmark player in the market for 6 years now, Lalaleads is a B2B sales prospecting agency that has made the acquisition of qualified leads its expertise.

Spearheaded by multi-channel prospecting, the agency is equipped with skilled Sales Development Representatives and the latest digital prospecting tools, making it a true benchmark in sales outsourcing.

multi-channel approach logos
multi-channel approach logos

Multi-channel prospecting for a more comprehensive approach

While teleprospecting is a fundamental approach to any sales campaign, multi-channel prospecting, which combines the power of various digital prospecting channels (e-mail, Linkedin, social networks, social selling, Google Ads...) with telephone prospecting, is the path we recommend you take in most situations. Multiplying prospecting strategies enables you to prioritize the contacts of greatest interest (click tracking, opening, document consultation...)".

It's thanks to multi-channel prospecting that Lalaleads is the best B2B sales prospecting agency today. The availability of all these lead generation strategies guarantees you the best chances of achieving your business objectives.

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A dedicated team

For each assignment, you benefit from the support of a dedicated team:

A Project Manager: In charge of follow-up, copywriting and guaranteeing mastery of your business subjects.

One or more Business Developers: prospecting force for your campaign by email, tphone mail...‍

‍ATool Manager: In charge of setting up mission tools (CRM, Mailing solution, prospecting cycles...) and the quality of prospecting databases (scraping, manual cleaning, parameterization...).

team lalaleadsteam lalaleads

The best tools for your prospecting

For each mission, your project team is supported by the best in-house and market tools. We can also adapt to your business stack by integrating with your infrastructure where possible.

enrichment lalaleads

Enrichment :

Enrichment solutions on over 100 data points in compliance with RGPD, enabling us to qualify your marketing prospects and source the best leads.

Sales Automation :

Semi-customized commercial cadence solutions to facilitate the human actions of our SDRs and BDRs

sales automation lalaleads
crm lalaleads


Business opportunity management solutions to enable our SDRs and BDRs to be rigorous in their follow-up of business opportunities.

Monitoring & Reporting :

Solutions for monitoring our sales performance and documentation, to maintain total transparency with our customers and enable us to improve the quality of our approach throughout the assignment.

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Expertise recognized by our customers

Multi-channel prospecting of building professionals looking for an ERP
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After having worked with the main service providers on the market, we chose to work with Lalaleads for their rigour and their spirit 🏴‍☠️


Manager of Sales

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We doubled our target with the Lalaleads method

Philippe Sartori
Sales Director in charge of the Distribution and Professional Solutions Department

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"We chose Lalaleads for the quality of its appointment qualification and because we identified it as the most innovative player in its prospecting approaches."

Kévin Aubaud-Klopp

CRM Marketing Manager

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"Lalaleads' real + is their ability to advise. Thanks to them, we now have an omnichannel strategy. Their recommendations have helped us a lot. "

Jimmy Perret

Sales Manager France

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"Today it's a strength to work with Lalaleads because it allows us to generate opportunities, test new targets, new messages..."

Cyril Brenac

Head of Sales

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The number of appointments made with our target group increased by a factor of 3 compared with competing services.

Alexandre Goncalves

IT Sales Manager

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The aim was to generate 50 appointments to set up the CSE organization, and in the end we exceeded our objectives by more than 20%!

Samuel Goldstein

Co-founder & Head of Growth

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With Lalaleads we managed to double the conversion rate of our outbound sales meetings.

Louis-Clément Schiltz


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The objectives were met. We were expecting 9 qualified leads per month.

Hugo Chabrouty

CEO & Co-Founder

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Multi-channel canvassing of production companies looking for new professional voice-overs.
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"We've seen positive feedback very quickly, and our approach has been appreciated by our stakeholders.

Jean-François Lespagnol

Founder Majordome Connect

See the case
Implementation of a Linkedin Ads lead generation system for members of a public purchasing group
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Your big questions

Why isn't outsourcing your sales prospecting a no-brainer?

There are many reasons why an organization may decide to outsource part of its sales activity to an outsourced SDR agency. The segmentation provided by outsourcing an SDR to an agency enables a structure to review its sales organization. In this way, it can concentrate more of its internal efforts on sales and its core business.

Segmenting also means specializing. The better the prospecting is carried out, the easier it will be for Account Managers to make sales with an increasingly sophisticated approach. The time and resources devoted to prospecting can be a long-term hindrance to the work of sales reps, whose primary objective is to convert leads.

Leaving prospecting to an agency with expertise in its field is also a fairly safe way of obtaining a large number of leads. An organization without a large sales force will gain a great deal in the short/medium term by outsourcing to an outsourced SDR agency.

What are the obstacles to outsourcing?

Outsourcing sales teams can be difficult to envisage for structures seeking to maintain a certain autonomy in their sales development. Entrusting part of the sales process to an external entity may even be misunderstood internally. What's more, outsourcing may not be worthwhile if profitability is low.

A low ROI on an outsourcing approach that represents significant costs for the company will be enough to show that the sales strategy needs to be rethought. This is all the more true if we consider that the time and money spent on outsourcing are resources not used to develop the same prospecting force internally. An acceptable return on investment will therefore be one that delivers a truly substantial return.

When should you start outsourcing?

Implementing an outsourcing approach as part of your sales strategy requires you to think globally about the scope of intervention of the service provider you call upon. In addition to framing the outsourced agency's missions and guiding its actions, you need to think about the duration of this intervention and the launch period. Outsourcing is recommended, for example, during a hyper-growth phase, a seasonal sales campaign or the launch of a new product and/or service.

Why an agency rather than a call center?

A sales outsourcing agency that is a leader in its field is structurally different from a traditional call center, both in terms of customer relations and the quality of its lead generation work. An agency like Lalaleads provides business developers and account executives who carry out sales actions that make sense for you. Generating a sales meeting with a person who is only slightly qualified (not a decision-maker, not fully within the target, no budget...) makes no sense, and the bdr/sdr trained with us are fully aware of this. The action plans we put in place are geared to increasing your outsourced sales and your direct sales, hence the importance we place on maintaining a constant relationship with you to continuously adjust the course of action to be taken.

Shall we launch a project together?

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